Follow Your Heart...

This can be easier said than done, especially when your heart feels buried, silenced, bound, or lost.  Reconnecting and listening to your own deep knowing spurs a profound vitality in daily life and relationship like nothing else.  With good support, that reality is closer than you might think.

My work is to find and meet you where you are; listening to heart, mind, body and soul.  Together we can explore the terrain, listen for what is asking for your deep and focused attention, untangle old patterns that feel obstructive, and enliven the vision your heart and soul want to manifest.


Call me today at 720.446.9076 ~ I look forward to connecting with you.

Shara Brun, MA, LPC


When does Fear cross over from being a useful function of survival to a paralyzing obstacle?  This threshold is different for everyone, which makes working with anxiety and fear a very personal process. We not only experience fear differently, but we express (or don't express) feelings of fear in varied ways as well.
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I remember a time about ten years ago, I was waking up in the morning and the first thing that I saw, a wall in my room, was painful to look at.  The grey of the paint, the shabbiness, was an instant reminder of how I felt, and I soon recognized that everything I looked at reflected the same dull ache.  Nothing was beautiful.  Nothing was good; not even the snow covered mountains that usually filled me with wonder and appreciation.  Now, it felt like there was no such thing as wonderful.  There was just dragging myself through another shitty day.  “Wow”, I realized, “this is depression”.
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Remembering Soul

Does it seem as if you are numbly going through the motions in daily life while missing a deeper sense of meaning and purpose? Perhaps you’re weighed down by an ever-present feeling of dread that saps enjoyment, excitement and optimism from your life--or constantly on edge and irritable, snapping at everyone around you, only to later regret your words or behavior?  Something is missing, and it won't leave you alone...
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