The symbols of the self arise in the depths of the body.
— C.G. Jung

When we long for more engagement with an inner life, dreams can offer a direct pathway to deeper contact.  And, it turns out that growing your capacity for connection within Self often translates to an ability to connect more deeply with Others.

How So?  It has been hypothesized that dreams serve as a space to process (among other things) those thoughts, feelings and sensations which we “say no” to for various reasons; sometimes out of old conditioned reactivity, sometimes out of fear, sometimes out of shame...Within the container of sleep, our psyche and body are able to relay those messages to us through symbolic imagery without ego interference.

Have Your Dreams Caught Your Attention?

Who would know how to get your attention better than you?  If there is part of your psyche that is trying to get your attention, it will no doubt succeed in your dreams.  The question is, how do you respond?  If you have been ignoring parts of yourself, for whatever reason, Psyche may be making more extreme bids for your attention through nightmares or disturbing images that won’t leave you alone.

Experts in neuroscience and philosophy alike have marveled over the mysteries of dreaming.  As much as technology advances, we are still left piecing together the vast interconnections of chemistry and electrical impulses that weave our dreams into matters that we can perceive and measure.  However, people have worked with their dreams since ancient times because it is a deeply informative and personal process.  Our dream messages are tailored to us, from us.

Have a Conversation:  Mind and Matter

Depth Psychology, a field heavily influenced by Swiss psychoanalyst and theorist C.G. Jung, leads us to understand that our body speaks to our conscious mind via images (like those in dreams).  With this in mind, it would follow that our bodies can also receive messages via symbolic gesture. In others words, a symbolic gesture made with an intention of healing or emotional release can have very real effects on the body. 

People often talk about the phenomenon of “mind over matter”.  But here, we are considering something more like “mind relating with matter”.  Dream imagery functions as the translation interface, the courier, between the two.   Therapeutic dreamwork sessions provide a safe and focused container for this kind of conversation.

Dreamwork Can Help You Decipher Your Dreams

Dreams, and examining our relationship to the many symbols of our dreams, provide rich and deeply felt information for us to engage.  My training in counseling psychology, depth psychology, somatic work and creative collaboration (as a musician and dancer) blend together to provide you with encouragement and insightful reflection in your process.  This same training has also instilled in me the importance of not imposing my interpretations upon your dreams or experience.  I have a deep respect for the images themselves and your relationship to them.  My work as a facilitator is to be with you, hold the boundaries of the container of our sessions, and reflect what I see from where I stand.     The rest is up to you.

Give Your Dreams a Chance

If you are ready to listen more deeply to what your dreams are trying to tell you, I invite you to call me for a free 15-minute phone consultation at (720)446-9076 to discuss my practice, your concerns, and how dreamwork can support you.


Shara and I met at the Peoples House on a weekly occasion. I was far from home living in Denver, and struggling with personal relationships and with my self. Shara offered me a respite while allowing progress in the guided healing process. The gentle care and self guidance Shara offered allowed me the chance to break through a very old block layer of toxic history. I have moved back home since and continue my quest for healing and self realization. Thank you Shara.
— Tom S.

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