Where is center?

Do you feel trapped and unhappy in your daily routine? Does it seem as if you are numbly going through the motions or running in place while the world passes you by? Are you constantly on edge and irritable, snapping at everyone around you, only to later regret your words or behavior? Maybe you already know what needs to change--be it ending a relationship, changing careers, or moving across the country--but the thought of making active changes in your life is daunting and overwhelming. You may not know where to begin, yet something in you is calling out for movement; for new kinds of sustenance, for growth. 

These times of deep questioning, though painful, are fertile pivot points in our own development. But without a sense of center, the unknown quality of transitional times can be overwhelming and even paralyzing.  Finding center often requires an outer point of reference (a mirror. or soundboard)~ like grabbing on to a life bouy in choppy water.  This is what good therapy can provide.

Change Affects Us All

It's been said the only constant is change. Major life transitions impact everyone at some point in their lives, but whether you advance into a life situation that feels heavy and obligated, or that feels resonant and full of potential is up to you.  In my mind the difference involves attention to Soul.  Do you value your sense of center and purpose?  Do you value your own happiness?  Is it worth considering these things as you make important life decisions?  Do you know how to connect with your desires and do you create healthy relational boundaries in your life to allow for personal fulfillment?

I serve as a mirror to my clients, and as we work together, I will reflect what I hear you say—especially when you express your needs and wants—and help you identify any incongruence between your thoughts and actions. If your actions don't address your wants, you may be working against your own best interests and not even realize it. Working with a skilled, compassionate therapist who can reflect your true needs and desires can be a powerful way to effect lasting, positive change in your life. In sessions, I work to support the part of you that may be asking for these changes, while helping you explore old narratives and coping tools that may be keeping you stuck. Also, I trust the wisdom of the body; sometimes our body speaks for Soul when our mouth may be saying an outdated story.  I listen to both.

It takes courage and sometimes a leap of faith to face obstacles to your happiness and cultivate lasting, Soulful change.  

But, you may have questions or concerns...

If I make the decision to change, I could lose what I have.

It can be very hard to see past that line of reasoning, but if you're reading this, you likely know deep down that change needs to happen. With any important venture, risk is a factor, but just because you can't see a clear, safe path forward to greater overall fulfillment doesn’t mean that there isn’t one.  

I can't change my life or live my dreams. It wouldn't work out for me.

For many, this is a very old narrative that has followed them from their earliest experiences. Children are often taught that they must just work hard and not waste time dreaming or that there is only one correct way to live your life. Play and Soul are deemed a waste of time and effort; it is being recognized within more and more fields how far this is from the truth.  From relational health to mental health to physical health, joy is important.  And in order to be in a state of joy that feels deep and centered, it helps to know what makes the deep and centered part of us feel joy.  This may seem simple, but sadly many people are trained and conditioned to know what makes others "happy" (for example, a boss or a parent) instead of knowing what makes their own self happy.

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Shara and I met at the Peoples House on a weekly occasion. I was far from home living in Denver, and struggling with personal relationships and with my self. Shara offered me a respite while allowing progress in the guided healing process. The gentle care and self guidance Shara offered allowed me the chance to break through a very old block layer of toxic history. I have moved back home since and continue my quest for healing and self realization. Thank you Shara.
— Tom S.

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